Bad words in Gujarati

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Alloo Bhosri Chaat
It means lick my potato pussy.

Bhadvo meaning in Gujarati.
Bhadvo means pimp.

Bhosdini meaning in Gujarati.
It means bitch face.

Bobla Vagarni Baydi
Wife without Breasts

Bakwas meaning
It means bullshit.

Bhose means in Gujarati.
Bhose means pussy.

Chupri lauri
Shut up dick

Khanki meaning in English ?
Khanki means whore in Gujarati.

Loda meaning in English.
Loda means penis.

Bukhree chodh meaning
Goat fucker

Fattu meaning
It means a coward person who is afraid of small things.

Gand nu kanu
It means ass hole.

Gando meaning in Gujarati.
Gando means crazy.

Lakhota meaning in gujarati
Lakhota means penis balls.

Lund Choos
Cock Sucker

Maari tandoori ne chalaya
It means ride my dick.

Mohit meaning in Gujarati.
It means gay.

Nalayak meaning in Gujarati.
It means worthless or unworthy in Gujarati language.

Nirod meaning in English?
It means condom and tutla nirod no means accident child from broken condom.

Teri maa meaning in Gujarati.
It means your mom.

Teri gand meaning in English.
It means your ass in Gujarati language.

Kutri, Kutri no chokroo
Kutri means bitch in Gujarati, Kutri no chokroo means son of a bich and Kutri no chokree means daughter of bitch.

Pikina meaning in Gujarati
Son of a bitch.


Rand meaning in Gujarati
Rand means prostitute.

Sundance meaning in English.
Sundace means shit.

Teri maa ki bhosdi English translation.
It means your mom's pussy.

Tari gaan meaning.
It means your ass in Gujarati.

Vaishya meaning in Gujarati
It meams prostitute.

What is the meaning of Chup-re, guded ?
It means shut-up, donkey.

What is the meaning of Mammey mumm-aye ?
It means tits.

What does billi Kutta Chod meaing in Gujarati ?
It means cat and dog style fucking.

what is kaamchor called in English ?
kaamchor or Kam chor means lazy theif.

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